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    "Gotcha" [Arcade Flyer]

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    • Have a gander at the first controversial video game: a maze game called Gotzha. The game was controversial for its controls: two pink rubber mound meant to resemble female breasts…
      "The bulges were squeezed in order to control the action. This was done because some members of Atari jokingly mentioned that joysticks curiously resembled a phallus. As a result, it was decided to create a "female game" and this game was henceforth referred to as "the boob game" by company staff. Later versions of the cabinet replaced the controls with standard joysticks."
      —The International Arcade Museum

    I feel a compelling need to jump off the nearest bridge.

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  3. "Female heterosexuality is not a biological drive of an individual woman’s erotic attraction or attachment to another human animal which happens to be male. Female heterosexuality is a set of social institutions and practices defined and regulated by patriarchal kinship systems, by both civil and religious law, and by strenuously enforced mores and deeply entrenched values and taboos. Those definitions, regulations, values and taboos are about male fraternity and the oppression and exploitation of women. They are not about love, human warmth, solace, fun, pleasure, or deep knowledge between people. If any of the latter arise within the boundaries of these institutions and practices, it is because fun, solace, pleasure and acknowledgement grow like dandelions and are hard to eradicate, not because heterosexuality is natural or is naturally a site of such benefits."

    Marilyn Frye, “Willful Virgin; or, Do You Have to Be a Lesbian to be a Feminist?”, 1990

    This essay is depressing the shit out of me.

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    Uncomfortably long Tina Belcher moaning

  4. Anatomy series. Gouache on hand cut, shaped, layered shallow-relief leather. Old work from 2009. These pieces are all life-sized.

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    buds n’ pals

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    He did not expect to be ambushed with a camera. Precious baby.

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    AM I LATE FOR WITCHSONA WEEK I am late for witchsona week but figured I’d try and scribble something horrible out anyway.

    Hardmode: I only drew clothing/items I actually own.

    My familars would be my two pet hens (but I only drew one of them idk).
    I’d do the mori girl thing and probably spend a lot of time being a nervous recluse. 

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  10. Sketch dump: ideas for life size leather anatomy series, cincher and skirt design, marker drawings for a comic about a vigilante, original doodle of said vigilante on brown paper. These are all probably from around 2008-2009

  11. Patti Smith outside CBGB photographed by Godlis, 1976

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    Birds of a Feather by jasinski

    Aw, I was so inspired by his work when I started painting. It’s nice to see his new stuff.

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  13. I just dumped a huge collection of old sketches and drawings on Instagram. Contemplating posting them here as well.


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    My mom just sent me a text that said “If you’re attacked by clowns, go for the juggler”, and there in one sentence you have my mother.

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    Dollhouse wallpaper mural attempt #1 vs #2. I like the first one (top) better, but the second one (bottom) fits the room the way it was supposed to and I added a creepy spire in the background, so that’s pretty cool. The first one can go on display in my actual house, since it is a much better painting technically and I do like it a lot.

    I want to live in your dollhouse.